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Patchwork or “pieced work” is a form of needlework that involves sewing together pieces of fabric into a larger design. The larger design is usually based on repeating patterns built up with different fabric shapes (which can be different colors). Bali batik is one type of material that is often sought after for patchwork art, because it has beautiful colors and a special abstract pattern which allows the resulting pieces to match each other. Arthakusuma batik uses a type of high quality cotton fabric and soft.The choice of fabric is very important because it makes it easier for quilting craftsmen to make various kinds of goodsattractive.


offering balinese batik with beautiful patterns and colors and competitive prices


introducing more extensive balinese batik as one of the beautiful materials for patchwork art, quilting


Buyer will get competitive price with a small minimum order, with beautiful pattern and color design because we have a good design team